How to register a Logos account

「REGISTER NOW」Please click on the.

①Name:Enter the full name in half-width English characters (example):Taro Tanaka)

②Email:Enter your email address[iCloud・Carrier email address deprecated]

③Password:Set a password. [8 or more characters including uppercase, lowercase, half-width alphanumericals, symbols (!, ”, $, @….)]

④Confirm Password: Confirm password. Enter the same password you entered in ③.

⑤Referral Code: It will be entered automatically. If it is not entered, please check with the introducer.

「Register」Click to send a verification email to the email address you entered.


Open the verification email and find it in the body「Confirm Email」Press to complete the registration.

In the text「Confirm Email」If the button doesn’t work, press the link directly below the button.

* You may not receive the verification email for your carrier email address. In that case

Please set the domain specified reception of, or re-register with an email address other than the carrier email.

Also, in gmail, you may receive it in the “promotion” or “social” inbox instead of the main inbox, so please check it as well.


「Confirm Email」Press the button to switch to the image page.Go to LoginPlease press.

Please enter your registered email address and password to log in.