How to get started with Logos

1.Create an account on the B2Z exchange.

How to register a B2Z accountClick here

2. Deposit funds to the B2Z exchange.

How to deposit B2ZClick here

3.Purchase the crypto assets you want to manage.

In order for Logos to run bots, each crypto asset must be in quantity for about the same price.
In addition, since the market price fluctuates each time, the quantity will not be exactly the same price.


Example: If you deposit 1,500 USDT and move the bot with BTC, ETH, XRP, the buying method is as follows.

  • BTC: Buy 500 USDT worth of BTC
  • ETH: Buy 500 USDT worth of ETH
  • XRP: Buy 500 USDT worth of XRP

How to trade with B2Z purchaseClick here

4. Create an API key on the exchange。

How to create API key for B2ZClick here

5. Create a Logos account.

How to register a Logos accountClick here

6. Deposit USDT to Logos。

How to deposit USDTClick here

7. Settle your Logos subscription.

How to pay for your Logos subscriptionClick here

8. Set API Key in Logos。

How to set Logos API KeyClick here

9.Create a bot with LOGOS.

How to create a Logos botClick here

10. Run the created bot。

How to operate the created botClick here

11. Check if the order is accepted。

Once you have your bot up and running, make sure you get your order.

How to confirm your orderClick here