B2Z transaction method

① Click “In-kind” on the upper right.

② Select the currency you want to purchase from the list on the left.

Example: If you want to buy BTC at USDT, click BTC / USDT

③ Enter the amount you want to purchase in the quantity or move the bar.

④ Click “Buy BTC” .

In order to operate BOT with LOGOS, each crypto asset must be [quantity for almost the same price].

In addition, since the market price fluctuates each time, the quantity will not be exactly the same price.

Example: How to buy when depositing 1500USDT and moving the bot with BTC, ETH, XRP is as follows.

  • BTC: Buy 500 USDT worth of BTC
  • ETH: Buy 500 USDT worth of ETH
  • XRP: Buy 500 USDT worth of XRP